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Consulting Services

As business diversifies and globalizes, managing the operation and maintenance of the IT environment is an ever more important aspect and basic to realizing the business strategy of the enterprise. At CAC, all of our expertise and know-how, developed over the years, provides excellent operation/management services.
CAC followsITIL※1 guidelines for consulting services. So, we audit our customer’s operation status and provide an assessment on improvement –all the while staying compliant with ITIL.
CAC Provides:
  • Support for the planning function for Information system divisions
  • Management of the system’s life cycle
  • Assessment of the system
  • Management of the system’s configuration
  • Planning for system operation processes
  • Management of security
  • Streamlining of IT environments
  • Support for IT process governance
  • Support for planning for OS/middleware upgrades
For Japanese corporations or their subsidiaries in the US, CAC is an especially valuable asset: we leverage our advantage of being a Japan-based company. So, we can coordinate on any level with Japanese officials or businesses as needed and our bilingual consultants can respond quickly on any matter. We can also help manage satellite offices in the US.

※1 IT service guideline drafted by the Office of Government Commerce of England (OCC). ITIL is the worldwide de-facto-standard for service management and contains broad and publicly available professional documentation on how to plan, deliver and support IT service features.