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ERP Solutions

Delivering broad IT solutions to enhance and promote the customer's business. With and ever shifting business environment, corporations must integrate and manage diverse management information through the strategic deployment of IT, while improving overall management performance.

CAC now provides IT solutions that boost the performance and effectiveness of corporate management in every business setting, such as: value chain management, design, procurement, manufacturing, sales, and distribution; corporate management, including personnel and accounting; and information management, through an enterprise information portal. Installations of SAP ERP, the most widely used ERP system on the market.

Capitalizing on its excellent experience in the development and operation of enterprise information systems, CAC has developed a practical method for introducing SAP ERP that has made it possible to provide optimal implementation quickly and at reasonable cost.

Through seamless integration of Enterprise Role Management (ERM) with SAP security, we now provide your business with a stardardized, fully compliant security environment that is second to none. Our GRC experts, who specialize in enterprise security, will guide you through the entire process and all the while incorporating best practices methodologies every step of the way.

We provide TransportConnect™, a SAP-certified solution to manage the complete cycle of change management in SAP. TransportConnect™ manages end-to-end change lifecycle, compliance, audit and optimization for SAP systems and has built in risk prevention capabilities for multiple regulatory and compliance frameworks.

Latest ERP Solutions Webinar

CAC America Corporation will present a Webinar:
How to Effective Manage Changes to your PeopleSoft applications using Phire Architect Change Management Solution.
on July 31, 2013 at 2 pm EST.

Please join us on July 31st AT 2PM for a WEBINAR of the PHIRE Architect. PHIRE Architect is an Application Change Management solution built using People Tools that helps better manage and control changes.

  • Do you think your native PeopleSoft Change Process is becoming challenging to manage across many environments?
  • Do you feel your current PeopleSoft change deployments cycles are way longer than should be?
  • Are there manual activities that make up significant chunk of transporting changes through PeopleSoft Environments?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, please join us for an one hour webcast to learn how the Phire Architect Application Change Management solution can help you simplify and automate the management of changes to your PeopleSoft applications.

Please register below: