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Help Desk / Technical Support

The objective of CAC America's helpdesk service and technical support is to keep our clients doing what they do best by doing what CAC does best: optimizing the total information system operation and providing a perfect support system staffed by experienced, Japanese-English bi-lingual engineers. Support is a quick and clear as we respond to complex system incidents involving networks, servers, the internet---all in a one-stop process. Providing such a service lets our clients focus on their core business and frees their IT staff so that they can improve efficiency, which then leads to cost reduction.

Support ensured by Service Level Agreement

The heart of our Helpdesk is our SLA (Service Level Agreement). Customers know exactly what to expect as the SLA clearly spells out-- for instance-- call-waiting time and response time in advance. We specify provide scope, quality and responsibility of the desk service, technical support so as to deliver services that dovetail smoothly with services provided by our customers.

Multi-directional analysis

We review the numbers of monthly calls, incidents and their content from different angles, and generate simple, concise summary reports to our customers regularly, assuring early detection of problems that help to avoid failures and foster efficiency at multiple levels.

Onsite Support Service

This“white-glove”service lets us dispatch consultants to our customer’s office and keeps them there for as needed to support the system. This shortens troubleshooting immensely and helps our clients doing their work while we work on the problems.

Off-Site Support Service

This “more-tailored” service provides telephone and email support from our support center. For those problems that we can not solve by telephone, our consultants are sent to the client’s site to resolve any issues. This is an ideal service for clients with relatively small numbers of incidents or the corporation with a medium-sized number of users.

Global Helpdesk Support Service

This service allows us to provide 24-hour Helpdesk services to our customers, taking advantage of our bi-lateral sites both in Japan and in the U.S., enabling a reduction in recovery time as engineers in Japan respond to problems immediately that occur during night time in U.S and conversely US engineers can support customers during night in Japan.