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Systems Integration / Development

CAC America has accumulated broad expertise in system development through years of system architecting. We provide optimum value to our U.S customers through optimum solutions for system architecting per specific business needs and for each specific customer.

CAC is an independent and neutral company. So, we are able to provide to needs with programs created from scratch or from shrink-wrapped, packaged solutions. We are essentially free to select the best development style/method. Our expert PM with management experience will execute the project.

Development from a scratch

  • System planning
  • Design
  • Test
  • Maintenance/operation
  • Requirement definition
  • Development
  • Migration task

Package Implementation

  • Select package
  • BPR support
  • Develop interface
  • Maintenance/operation
  • Assess package vendors/selection
  • Customization
  • Data migration

Onsite site Development

For local U.S domestic business development, it is necessary to have the system that is compliant to local legal systems, regulations, ordinances and commercial practice. We can respond to various development styles/formats since we partner with local companies and with CAC affiliated group companies.

Offshore Development

We also provide aggressive offshore development, utilizing our Chinese/Indian affiliate companies to reduce cost, shorten delivery time and ensure high-quality deliverables.