As business diversifies and globalizes, managing the operation and maintenance of the IT environment is an ever more important aspect and basic to realizing the business strategy of the enterprise. At CAC, all of our expertise and know-how, developed over the years, provides excellent operation/management services.

CAC follows ITIL※ guidelines for consulting services. So, we audit our customer’s operation status and provide an assessment on improvement –all the while staying compliant with ITIL.

CAC Provides:
  • Support for the planning function for Information system divisions
  • Management of the system’s life cycle
  • Assessment of the system
  • Management of the system’s configuration
  • Planning for system operation processes
  • Management of security
  • Streamlining of IT environments
  • Support for IT process governance
  • Support for planning for OS/middleware upgrades

For Japanese corporations or their subsidiaries in the US, CAC is an especially valuable asset: we leverage our advantage of being a Japan-based company. So, we can coordinate on any level with Japanese officials or businesses as needed and our bilingual consultants can respond quickly on any matter. We can also help manage satellite offices in the US.

※ IT service guideline drafted by the Office of Government Commerce of England (OCC). ITIL is the worldwide de-facto-standard for service management and contains broad and publicly available professional documentation on how to plan, deliver and support IT service features.

Systems Operations

We provide a high added-value operation to utilize the most optimal and maximum system for information platform, leveraging our expert know-how as Operation Management professionals for enterprise information system (open system, Windows, Linux, Unix).

We also provide services for regular, every-day tasks such as daily/monthly/annual operation related to applications as well as account management such as user account and access authorization, including system operation management such as backup work and log monitoring in accordance to Operation Manual.

Help Desk / Technical Support

The objective of CAC America's helpdesk service and technical support is to keep our clients doing what they do best by doing what CAC does best: optimizing the total information system operation and providing a perfect support system staffed by experienced, Japanese-English bi-lingual engineers. Support is a quick and clear as we respond to complex system incidents involving networks, servers, the internet---all in a one-stop process. Providing such a service lets our clients focus on their core business and frees their IT staff so that they can improve efficiency, which then leads to cost reduction.

Support ensured by Service Level Agreement

The heart of our Helpdesk is our SLA (Service Level Agreement). Customers know exactly what to expect as the SLA clearly spells out-- for instance-- call-waiting time and response time in advance. We specify provide scope, quality and responsibility of the desk service, technical support so as to deliver services that dovetail smoothly with services provided by our customers.

Multi-directional analysis

We review the numbers of monthly calls, incidents and their content from different angles, and generate simple, concise summary reports to our customers regularly, assuring early detection of problems that help to avoid failures and foster efficiency at multiple levels.

Onsite Support Service

This“white-glove”service lets us dispatch consultants to our customer’s office and keeps them there for as needed to support the system. This shortens troubleshooting immensely and helps our clients doing their work while we work on the problems.

Off-Site Support Service

This “more-tailored” service provides telephone and email support from our support center. For those problems that we can not solve by telephone, our consultants are sent to the client’s site to resolve any issues. This is an ideal service for clients with relatively small numbers of incidents or the corporation with a medium-sized number of users.

Global Helpdesk Support Service

This service allows us to provide 24-hour Helpdesk services to our customers, taking advantage of our bi-lateral sites both in Japan and in the U.S., enabling a reduction in recovery time as engineers in Japan respond to problems immediately that occur during night time in U.S and conversely US engineers can support customers during night in Japan.

Systems Maintenance

By providing total life-cycle service - starting with a feasibility study at the time of system implementation, to system development/test, and subsequent operation, our experts with can build systems for the long term, thus enabling enhanced responses to system requests from customers in detail.


Systems Integration / Development

CAC America has accumulated broad expertise in system development through years of system architecting. We provide optimum value to our U.S customers through optimum solutions for system architecting per specific business needs and for each specific customer.

CAC is an independent and neutral company. So, we are able to provide to needs with programs created from scratch or from shrink-wrapped, packaged solutions. We are essentially free to select the best development style/method. Our expert PM with management experience will execute the project.

Development from scratch

  • System planning
  • Requirement definition
  • Design
  • Development
  • Test
  • Migration task
  • Maintenance/operation

Package Implementation

  • Select package
  • Assess package vendors/selection
  • BPR support
  • Customization
  • Develop interface
  • Data migration
  • Maintenance/operation

Onsite site Development

For local U.S domestic business development, it is necessary to have the system that is compliant to local legal systems, regulations, ordinances and commercial practice. We can respond to various development styles/formats since we partner with local companies and with CAC affiliated group companies.

Offshore Development

We also provide aggressive offshore development, utilizing our Chinese/Indian affiliate companies to reduce cost, shorten delivery time and ensure high-quality deliverables.


Delivering broad IT solutions to enhance and promote the customer's business. With and ever shifting business environment, corporations must integrate and manage diverse management information through the strategic deployment of IT, while improving overall management performance.

CAC now provides IT solutions that boost the performance and effectiveness of corporate management in every business setting, such as: value chain management, design, procurement, manufacturing, sales, and distribution; corporate management, including personnel and accounting; and information management, through an enterprise information portal. Installations of SAP ERP, the most widely used ERP system on the market.

Capitalizing on its excellent experience in the development and operation of enterprise information systems, CAC has developed a practical method for introducing SAP ERP that has made it possible to provide optimal implementation quickly and at reasonable cost.

Through seamless integration of Enterprise Role Management (ERM) with SAP security, we now provide your business with a stardardized, fully compliant security environment that is second to none. Our GRC experts, who specialize in enterprise security, will guide you through the entire process and all the while incorporating best practices methodologies every step of the way.

We provide TransportConnect™, a SAP-certified solution to manage the complete cycle of change management in SAP. TransportConnect™ manages end-to-end change lifecycle, compliance, audit and optimization for SAP systems and has built in risk prevention capabilities for multiple regulatory and compliance frameworks.

Data Masking

Data Masking replaces your sensitive data with fictitious but realistic data to eliminate the risk of exposure to unauthorized parties. A unique approach is to break the association between unique identifiers (e.g. SSN, Account #) and personally identifiable data (e.g. Name, Address, Zip code). So, only masked data flows throughout the organization.

Automates identification of sensitive data

Identify across databases, and copybooks reducing by up by 80%, the work associated with a data masking project.

Automates creation of masked data

Quickly and consistently create masked data automatically. No need to do any programming whether it is a relational database, main frame, or files.

Web based with remote agents

Web based Java application with an intuitive user interface to centrally manage masking inventory, and remote agents mask data at multiple data centers.

Fast Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) based architecture

Mask data quickly, average 1M rows/min, and share safely with partners, third parties and outside venders.

Secure Masking Algorithm

Design to mask your data consistently, no matter where it is stored and regardless of the character set. Furthermore, the masked data can be created in the application without any coding.

Pharmaceutical Drug Development

CAC America provides value-added drug development services fused with the information technology, working closely together with the highly specialized partners and our group companies, CAC Corporation and CAC Croit Corporation. Also, as a bridge connecting the US, Europe, Asia, and Japan, we support the globalization of drug development thoroughly.

Global Drug Development Support

The differences in pharmaceutical industry regulations and customs of the US/EU and Japan could be the bottleneck for the globalization. CAC America supports your global operation in collaboration with CAC Croit Corporation, our group company with broad business support experience in Japan. CAC Croit's pharmacovigilance service and regulatory operations service proudly take the lead in Japan and will be a great benefit to your globalization.

Support for Expansion into Japan and Asia

CAC America organizes the extensive and experienced services of CAC group, from information technology to business operations, and offers one-stop service to customers who consider expanding or strengthening their business in Japan/Asia. We coordinate the services at your requests along with CAC Corporation / CAC Croit Corporation in Japan, and CAC Shanghai Corporation / GoldenTech Computer Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in China.


IT Infrastructure

Meeting our customer's needs for system build environment requires a combination of expertise and knowledge to estimate/acquire hardware, sufficient performance, selection of optimal communication services, infrastructure operation design, security measures, selection of the most updated services and TCO considerations.

CAC America executes a total coordination of these services, depending on customer's needs, and provide services through all phases: procurement, design, architecting, test, run and maintenance. Equally, we can provide technical services, including proposals for the most updated Cloud services, in order to ensure optimal application run environment.

CAC Provides:
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Hosting Services
  • OS Virtualization
  • Exchange Server Version up
  • Infrastructure Design & Building
  • Networking
  • OS Version up
  • Infrastructure Maintenance

Full Support / Reliability

Our experts monitor the customer's infrastructure to help avoid failures and to respond quickly in case of failure, supporting for customer's system expansion/evolution with watertight organization system.

Global Service

CAC America provides global services in common global Active Directory and customer's database through our affiliate oversea companies.


IT Staffing

TAKUMI job offers IT-specialized human resources services such as staff replacement and augmentation.

Information and the technology that drives it are pivotal to business success and the lifeblood of any enterprise. Yet, IT staffing for Managers, Engineers, Help Desk professionals—to name but a few—has not kept pace with the frenzied need for talent. Finding great matches between those doing the hiring and those being hired are often rare, time-consuming and inefficient.

TAKUMI job, a new division of CAC America, a much respected IT outsourcer for decades, is ready to remedy the situation. TAKUMI job offers IT-specialized, human resources services such as staff replacement and augmentation. As human resources and information technology experts, we can introduce to you, the IT expert, the perfect candidate. Our HR staff are also IT specialists. They match the best candidate to the best project, resulting in talented people enthusiastic about creative projects. Such great combinations keep our clients coming back and our candidates motivated.